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Why I won't host Eckmar's script (and outage notice)

I get asked quite often by people who want to host Eckmar's market script on a VPS or the shared server. Eckmar's script is a blob of code that claims to be a market. I will not host it and I will explain why here.

While the code is avaialble and one could call it open source, in the open source world it has some big problems. It is not actively maintained and it is not well documented. It has many bugs just in terms of basic usability, and a bunch more unknown bugs that make it a potential security disaster. It is not stable and it is not easily fixable because the code is documented. Whoever made it can't be asked questions about it which makes it's code hard to navigate.

If one were to run this script on my servers they would likely be compromised. I do not want it on my servers because it's bug could lead to all of ones crypto holdings being taken from the site wallets. This theft could then be blamed on me, and I don't need that kind of drama.

So I will not install this script for you and if you manage to install it to your VPS or hosting account, don't complain to me when you get owned.

I am not interested in fixing the script either, because the code isn't documented well and is poor quality it would be much easier to write a market from scratch than to use this awful script.

I am also not interested in writing a market for you either. If I do write a market it will be mine and nobody elses, and one should consider if they really even have anything of value to offer such a project. Starting a market with no technical knowledge and depending on others is going to have you let down by poor quality code like Eckmar's script or just blatantly scammed.

So stop trying to get some market code for a get rich quick scheme and just get yourself a regular job, where you will actually keep your money.

Also there is a coming outage next week.

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