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Why use someone else for hosting?

I don't get many customers and really there aren't many reviews about me yet. Yet there are plenty of deep web sites out there at the moment. It indicates a lot of people doing things themselves. Other hosts tell me they're doing about as well and not getting much business either.

One should consider the benefits involved in the division of labor. While you're marketing and developing your site, I'm always here working on the server and keeping it running. Using a service like mine takes time off your hands.

I'm experienced with hidden services and the kind of OPSEC and INFOSEC required to keep them hidden. If you're new there are many mistakes you can make. They can be as simple as using the system clock through a hypervisor, allowing correlations through the system clock. Getting more advanced, there are ways to locate servers with latency correlations and basically all kinds of ways you can be discovered. We clearly have not been discovered.

Some people to protect their IP rather than use a transparent proxy and such, just disable certain features regarding execution of scripts and binaries. One 0day later in that system in something complicated and intended for users and you're done. The best way to protect something is to get down to fundamentals. So we've made something a bit like Whonix but with a hardened toolchain. You should consider letting us at KLOS handle the hiding of things. That way you can focus on development of your site/service.

The best thing about buying hosting and not doing it yourself is with my service you can be pretty free. An account with my service is quite powerful, you get a decent shell, and an efficent server. Basically within what I've allowed configuring the systems gives you the freedom as a developer to innovate without risk.

On top of that it is cheap and efficient to pool resources. A hosting customer has a HTTP proxy to Infantile as basically a private exit to share for using cloudflare protected APIs that don't work on Tor exits. The server itself is highly optimized and your hosting acccount has a lot more resources available than a VPS of similar price.

Its not just my skill you're buying, we have a team. I have pentesters and hackers and others experienced with Hidden Services consulting me such as Cyrus. I have always been open to chat with critics about improving things.

All in all if you are developing something for the dark web, our service gives you the benefit of much experience and investment by us. So consider that and don't get caught because you were too stubborn to accept someone might know better.

We even have other services for VPS servers and can help you become more independent as your site grows. Our migration strategies for popular sites take time off your hands too.

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