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XMPP issues with 404.city

Today I met someone who claimed to have been trying to reach me on XMPP. Yet I had no subscription requests from them and my connection to the server was fine. I thought I was being trolled but decided to entertain the thought. So I created another XMPP account with CalyxInstite as the server. I could not communicate with myself on 404city using it.

If you have been unable to reach me on 404city it is because that server is broken. I do not know the cause and there was no announcement by them about it. So I now have a new address which is kaizushi@jabber.calyxinstitute.org and with it new OTR and OMEMO credentials, of which you will find more information about on my contact page.

I apologise to all about the communication issues, and I remind you they are not my fault. I hope if you have been trying to reach me you try again on my new account.

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