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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Yes, that is one of my IP addresses!

People are discussing the Wordpress pingbacks from my hidden services. I appreciate the concern, but it is perfectly normal. The IP addresses are just proxies I have, which I use as a more secure alternative to Tor exits. It is also how the emails get out of the email server and such.

I actually provide a guide and some config file examples in my exitkit project. This means you can all use this kind of configuration.

My servers are still pretty hidden, and these clearnet servers are quite amnesic. They are located in Belarus, because with what is going on in the world at the moment, I can be pretty confident that if American or European law enforcement ask for any favours the Belarus is going to tell them to fuck off.

Anyway, that is all you are seeing with these pingbacks.

At least this gossip is better founded than shit out there about exposed admin login forms, because the solution to that is a strong password - and everyone uttering such crap is a fake hacker idiot, stuck on step one of trying to find things that might go wrong. The steps after that to make something go wrong are far more important!

I too however have great faith and conviction for Murphy's law. Normally a logical fallacy, but on the Internet if something can go wrong someone will make it go wrong. That is the entire issue.

Anyway, that is that.

I have sympathy for the people of Belarus, and wish them hope and freedom.

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