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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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About Kaizu

Kaizu started KLOS in early 2017 as an expansion of Infantile and CYJABR, because they were moved to a bigger server. The bigger server left room for shell accounts and hosting. A big reason for this project is simply curiousity. The dark web faces unique challenges which Kaizu was ready to boldly face.

It was initially a very basic system running Gentoo Hardened for a web stack using nginx, PHP, and MariaDB. It was running behind a middlebox and intended to host Onion sites. Unlike other hosters I wanted to offer a system with less restrictions so the bulk of open source software runs for users easily.

Since is simple unstable beginnings KLOS has implemented SELinux and has many ways of auditing the system. Before the canary is issued systems are checked for integrity and changes by using btrfs reference link copied snapshots (backups of previous filesystem states) and the SELinux audit log.

In April 2017 research into vendors stores was complete and ViewPVS was launched. Kaizu decided the best answer to sell products here in Onionland from existing open souce code was Wordpress WooCommerce with its Monero extension. Kaizu also decided that the best currency is Monero.

Today we provide hosting, shell accounts, vendor stores, and virtual private servers. All of this is offered at low cost. Kaizu stands as another revolutionary using technology to disrupt the establishment's restrictions on trade and communications.

There is only one thing we don't like and it is when someone is subjected to physical exploitation. It is basically the one rule other than don't piss off the sharks, meaning don't impersonate or phish as a big vendor or market, they might just use their resources to end the server.

Kaizu is a girl aged somewhere between 17 and 24.

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