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10:18:44 17/07/2021V2 Officially Depreciated

I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.


You can either contact the owner kaizushi or the staff member ch3ir4c0n45. For registrations and account management contact kaizushi, if you do not know English contact ch3ir4c0n45. If you are unsure, contact us both.

Tutanota users..

Your mail server does not like mine, I recommend you use ProtonMail or Secmail. You will find me in your junk, despite my server having an excellent reputation.

General Enquiries

There is no GPG key for this address, it is just for general sales advice and information about our services.

Email: enquiries@kloshost.online


Tech support, registration, and more.

I no longer provide XMPP details because of spam. Request them through Dread or through the email below...


PGP keys for email can be downloaded for kaizushi. These keys were updated on 01-06-2021, where the expiry was changed for the key kaizushi@secmail.pro.


Tech support in other languages.

Onion XMPP: ch3ir4c0n45@infantilefb6ovh4.onion

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Email: ch3ir4c0n45@infantile.us

PGP keys for email can be downloaded for ch3ir4c0n45.

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