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8:44:20 19/04/2024Putty, WinSCP, and Filezilla vulnerable, update or adapt

I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Changing your KLOS password

To change your password you need shell access, which if you've got a working WinSCP config can be done by installing Putty. From WinSCP you can select a server once that is installed and select to launch PuTTY on the saved server entry.

A window with a black background will appear and the SSH verification will start. The hidden service verifies the authenticity of the connection, but you can always ask me with end-to-end crypto for SSH fingerprints. Since the SSH keys are on this server and so is the site, well, this page could simply appear different.

You will see an introduction with some ASCII art and a prompt...


You type things here, the $ symbol means you are an ordinary user. The command to change your password is below.

$ passwd

This command asks you for your current/existing password and for the new one.

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