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1:57:57 08/04/2024Litecoin replacing Bitcoin

I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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We offer hosting on our shared server, it is a Gentoo platform. We are fully featured and operate behind a middlebox. The result is a nice user-friendly UNIX system which isn't as limited as other hosts in Onionland. We can offer this because of our use of Tor's transparent proxy feature.

Hosting is only $12 a month, $34 for three months, and $65 for a six months. We accept Bitcoin and Monero, and will take offers in other cryptocurrency.

Our server has:

  • Gentoo Hardened with SELinux operating system
  • Hardened nginx webserver software (we install custom configs)
  • PHP 7.1 with most modules, our admins can install more
  • MariaDB databases (MySQL compatible)
  • A fully featured UNIX shell environment with SSH access.
  • Ruby, Python, Perl, and more on the system and we can add more for you.

Content must not exploit anyones rights physically in any way. We do not like exploitation material on our servers.

Vanity Address

V2 hidden services have been depreciated.

A vanity address is an onion address with custom letters in it. For example this site uses the 8 custom letters k a i z u s h i

  • 7 letters free with your account.
  • 8 letters is available for $25 USD.
  • 9 letters is available for $70 USD.
  • 10 letter available for $240 USD

V3 vanity address

A V3 vanity address is a bit harder to generate so prices have increased.

  • 6 letters or less is free
  • 7 letters costs $50USD

We cannot do more than 7 letters for a V3 address

Extra domains

You additionally get 2 random domains, and 3 if you don't want a vanity address.

You can request your private key at any time. It is free to provide your own private key.

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