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20:59:34 24/11/2022Moving ahead with a new update!

I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.


We can operate a relay from the clearnet to the dark web. It is a server, purchased with dark bitcoin we obtain through trade, which relays HTTPS through to a Tor hidden proxy. It uses the technology iptables, nginx, and ssh to do its job.

We can create relays for you which allow you to have a clearnet site which relays your deep web site. This service allows you to bring your site to more people than before, and leave the darkweb for the fringes of the Internet.

For example we operate on the relay infrastructure kloshost.online. We can do this for your site with your own domain and such.

Bring your own domain, or have a domain like yourdomain.kloshost.online or yourdomain.infantile.xyz under the standard package for only $20 per month. You must buy a minimum of 6 months, which is $105 at at 10% discount. You can get 12 months for $190 at a 20% discount.

Get a domain through us for one year for $50. Domains can be configured in many ways.

Get additional services forwarded through or subdomains forwarded for $4 per month. Ten forwarded for $38 per month.

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