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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Server outage earlier (and updates)

To update the system I had to disable SSH user logins, nginx sites, and PHP-FPM pools. It did not last very long and now things are running again. This SELinux server occasionally requires this type of outage to update certain restricted parts of the system.

Keep in mind with this service uptime is not our priority, security is the priority. We will sacrifice availability on this service to keep it the cuting edge in security. You should expect that this system as a result is secure and can always come back. It usually will notify users about outages in place of customers sites and the main KLOS site.

Clearnet Relay Fixed

I also have fixed the index.php for this site which was lazy and only redirected to the V2 onion address. I had done this once before but in an update the the site software picosite with the old way I worked on it wrote over the index.php with my dumb old one.

Now the other domains used to access the site work, including the I2P address.

Also, the Infantile relay server which runs an nginx reverse proxy to the hidden service through Tor is operational again. You yourself can get relaying for your service to KLOS. If your clearnet domain is taken down you can get another. The heart and brains of your site is hidden like every service here.


I have been hard at work on picosite lately which I now use Git to develop. Before that I just had a testing site on the server and worked on it live. When it seemed to be in working order I'd copy it over.

Soon I will deploy the latest picosite here and am almost done with my next release in my stable 'master' branch of Github. It will allow me to call prices from the price list in any page. If you have not noticed some of the prices on various pages are out of date.

You too can use picosite which is a highly secure 'slightly more than a site generator' and 'a bit less than a CMS' for free on your sites, unless you want me to install it for you. It has no functions or code that can modify the server, one just creates pages and configures it. To do that you upload files or work in your text editor, and it is highly restricted with static limits on what files it can open.

A lot of my work on the software is so it can be updated without wiping your config and template. All the code is in one file named 'page.php' and this can be updated on its own. It has many features and they are all optional. I have also improved the code a lot and will keep doing so.

It should be ready in a couple of weeks but maybe just a few days. The current version on Github works, but a better version will soon be merged into master. I use a simple iterative method to develop it where I work on a branch 'fiddling' and when it unit tests and such I merge it into 'master' and consider it stable.

It comes with many features including Rainbow Dash as standard, and it is incredibly simple to write themes for if you are a HTML/CSS designer. There is a script you can use for cron to update the latest Bitcoin and Monero prices. I have wrote documentation which only takes about 10 minutes to read and get your site running.

I would love a code review as this is my first PHP project and I am young. If you have any feedback or need help with it you can report issues on Github.

2024 Kaizu Shibata, server time 21:50:46 12/04/24 UTC

Powered by Kaizu's Picosite 1.2.3 (klos version)!, and nginx running on Gentoo Hardened.

The picosite template file for this website, and the current page.php.
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