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20:59:34 24/11/2022Moving ahead with a new update!

I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.


ViewPVS stands for: Viewkey Private Vendor Store. It is a Wordpress install using Wordpress with Woocommerce. It uses an extension to support Monero (and only Monero), and only uses a viewkey you provide to confirm funds have been paid for products, no wallets are kept on the server. Woocommerce is very powerful and can do digital and physical good. It can also do stock and warehouse management and support any currency as a source for exchange rate conversion.

ViewPVS Demo Site

You pay $400 USD for ViewPVS up front which includes your first month of support and hosting. Your ongoing costs are usually $110 a month: $15 as hosting and $75 as optional support. Your first month of hosting and support is covered with the up front cost. You don't need to buy support if you think you can manage yourself and have learned the software. You can always buy it again later if you need support. Though support only covers the extensions and configuration we've done for you when we do our initial install.

ViewPVS does require Javascript for administration however the default WooCommerce Javascript heavy "storefront" has been replaced with the Azera Shop theme. We have tested the ordering and shopping workflow with Javascript disabled and it works fine. Check out our demo site and have a look at where you could be selling.

We only use Monero because it offers better privacy features and is more efficient than any other cryptocurrency. Its single address nature makes it easy for the store to accept payments from customers without any communication off server except for confirmation of a payment anonymously received with a viewkey. This does not show any of your outgoing transactions or money trail even if the viewkey is compromised.

If you've ever had exit scams affect you or had your wallets robbed by hackers, this could be your bastion of salvation. You should have used Monero, but fear not: there is always today to change.


  • You must have credits given to Kaizushi's Little Onion Server on the footer of every customer visible page. We implement this for you.
  • Sites must follow the user policy: no child pornography, terrorism, physical exploitation of others, and no impersonation of other deep web vendors.

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