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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

New service coming: spam email

On a completely new but linked identity entirely for not geting Infantile banned, I can send spam emails. I am working on a new onion '^ronaldmcd[234567]' and my mission is simple...

My spam will have some requirements...

  • Emails must have good and accurate leads.
    • You must have the real name used on the accounts for the recipient.
    • You must have an idea on content, heuristics for spam detection like a website similar to the email need to be there in most cases.
    • Content must be accurate in spelling, heuristics do not like dyslexics and Engrish
  • Your email must be approved by Kaizushi herself.
  • You cannot impersonate other Onion actors and customers and whatnot.
  • We do not allow drug marketing with our servers yet, but we might some day.
  • We do not allow phishing emails of any kind or pushing your Onion cloner.
  • We need time to commission servers, script them accordingly and for the job, and make the fake related business/organisational front.
  • We can't send billions of emails yet for one job, but vote Trump 2020 and it might happen.

Will update with the Onion address within 24 hours.

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